Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Speakers and Speeches: Mary Hodder on blog search engines

In this first offering of Speakers and Speeches, “For Immediate Release” is pleased to offer a 1:34 speech—including Q&A—by Mary Hodder, delivered on Tuesday, Sept. 6 at a meeting of the bloggers and RSS special interest group of the East Bay (California) IT Group (EBIG).

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Download the conversation here (MP3, 38MB).  (For automatic synchronization with your iPod or other digital player, you’ll also need software such as the FeedDemon RSS aggregator, or the free ipodder or DopplerRadio). Speakers and Speeches podcasts are not included in the regular “For Immediate Release” RSS feed. To subscribe, please use the special feed dedicated just to these features.

imageMary Hodder is a digital media junkie. She works with companies in open source, photo sharing and blog aggregation. A graduate of UC-Berkeley’s School of Information Management Systems, she researches and writes on intellectual property, security and privacy. She writes the Napsterization blog and has recently started a new blog, as well. She is currently working to launch a digital online video business. She formerly worked for Technorati and remains involved in the company, and also sits on the board of AttentionTrust, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the basic rights of attention owners.

In this talk, Hodder addressed the differences among—and problems with—the current crop of blog search engines, and articulated a vision for what blog search could achieve.

Shel Holtz, who attended the session, recorded Hodder with a Marantz Professional PMD660 digital recorder, using the built-in microphone. The audio is slightly edited to remove a couple of confidential items about which Mary asked attendees not to blog.

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