Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Interview - Rick Klau, VP Business Development, FeedBurner - December 13, 2005

Rick KlauIn this edition of For Immediate Release podcast interviews, Shel and Neville enjoyed a 53-minute conversation with Rick Klau, Vice President of Business Development for FeedBurner, the RSS service.

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About our Conversation Partner:

Rick Klau is Vice President of Business Development at FeedBurner, the market-leading feed management provider. He is responsible for cultivating and managing relationships with large media companies, entertainment networks, newspapers and a variety of other commercial publishers. Prior to FeedBurner, Rick held the same role at Socialtext, the first enterprise social software company. Previously, Rick was Vice President of Vertical Markets at Interface Software, now part of the Lexis-Nexis family where he held the position of company spokesperson. Rick has also held senior marketing positions at iManage through an IPO.

An accomplished public speaker, moderator, panelist and author of a popular blog, Rick has received extensive coverage in a variety of major media publications throughout his career including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CIO, InfoWorld, Inc. Magazine, Internet World, The Washington Post and more. He has published a number of books and columns covering the topics of technology, law, ecommerce and online security. Rick earned AB Degrees in International Affairs and French from Lafayette College, a JD from the University of Richmond School of Law and a Baccalaureate Degree from l’Université de Bourgogne.

Interview Segment Time Points:

  • 00:29 Neville introduces the conversation
  • 01:29 Rick talks about his background and what he’s doing at FeedBurner
  • 04:02 About FeedBurner
  • 05:40 FeedBurner’s tie-up with Reuters, announced today: expanding delivery of text news via RSS and to enable advertising
  • 07:03 Advertising in RSS feeds: where this is heading and FeedBurner’s role
  • 11:00 Measuring RSS feed readership and manipulating statistical data
  • 12:41 Shel: Todd Cochrane’s criticisms of FeedBurner’s Total Stats Pro service
  • 13:23 Feed hosting and stats; Total Stats Pro primarily designed for text feeds not yet podcasts
  • 15:52 Portability of FeedBurner RSS feeds
  • 18:12 What happens to your feeds if FeedBurner changes its business or you don’t want to continue using FeedBurner?
  • 20:40 Neville: what is FeedFlare, announced today?
  • 21:15 How FeedFlare tags and makes feeds more dynamic and interactive
  • 24:49 Shel: most PR pros still don’t understand what RSS is
  • 25:26 The challenges for easier adoption of RSS
  • 27:03 RSS adoption: signficant industry advances in the coming year to aid easier takeup
  • 28:54 Neville: ‘subscribe’, not ‘RSS’ or ‘XML’
  • 29:38 Talking about technology in terms that benefit the user
  • 31:03 Reader-friendly RSS feeds when you click on that RSS icon
  • 31:58 Complexities of multiple RSS feed aggregation
  • 34:32 Neville: FeedBurner CEO Dick Costolo’s report in November on adding ‘threads’ to ‘items’: what does this mean and how will it work?
  • 35:36 Focusing on the feed item not the RSS feed itself: how FeedFlare is the first step forward
  • 38:07 So many people doing intriguing and compelling things with RSS
  • 39:26 Shel: the confusions of offering multiple RSS subscription options
  • 39:56 Resolving the problems of ‘syndication bingo’
  • 46:00 Where RSS is headed
  • 48:48 Rick: send us your questions and comments
  • 49:21 Finding more information about FeedBurner’s services
  • 50:36 Concluding comments about the conversation
  • 51:20 About this podcast and where to find For Immediate Release.

Links for the individuals and organizations we discussed or mentioned in the conversation:

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