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Thought Leader Life with Mitchell Levy, Episode 64: April 14, 2015

Thought Leader Life with Mitchell Levy

Our co-host for the month of March is Jim Canfield (@jimcanfield) and one of our guests for March was Melissa Burkhart (@FuturoSolidoUSA).

In this episode, Mitchell Levy, together with Renaissance Executive Forums CEO Jim Canfield as co-host for the month of March, talks with Melissa Burkhart on various topics that C-suite executives love to discuss. As the president of FuturoSolido, Melissa provides insights on how many top executives find it lonely at the top. She describes how being a member of a group like Renaissance Executive Forums has given her support and encouragement as the owner of her company. Jim notes that the benefits of being a member of forum groups extend beyond reciprocity (or exchanging referrals) to receiving the help of people whom you trust and look up to. It provides opportunities for getting fresh ideas and perspectives from people who are the top executives of their own organization.

Melissa Burkhart

As a forum group for executives, Renaissance Executive Forums helps develop companies to become successful,enabling leaders to achieve goals. Melissa calls it a place where advice and feedback are brought to the table with absolutely good intentions. Members have a sincere desire for everyone in the forum to be successful. And because members of the forum group come from multiple fields of expertise, you hear different perspectives from people with varied backgrounds.

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Here are a couple of aha moments from the episode. See more in the “Aha Moments from Thought Leader Life”eBooks available in the social media-enabled eBook platform, Aha Amplifier: http://AhaAmplifier.com/.

• “It’s lonely at the top” may sound 1950s, but it’s really true. @jimcanfield#TLL
• There’s no way to describe or quantify the value of knowing there’s a support group to help you out. @FuturoSolidoUSA #TLL
• Proactive change means setting a new direction for the org, from where it is today to where youwould like it to be in the future. @jimcanfield #TLL
• It gives a communal feeling to have an “advisory board” that cares about you & gives relevant answers. @happyabout #TLL

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You can connect with Mitchell at MitchellLevy.com, @HappyAbout on Twitter, or join his Thought Leadership Best Practices Group.

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