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Thought Leader Life with Mitchell Levy, Episode 62: March 3, 2015

Thought Leader Life with Mitchell Levy

Our co-host for the month of February is Lori Ruff (@loriruff) and our guest for February 21 was Migdalia Diaz (@_MigdaliaDiaz).

In this episode, Mitchell Levy @HappyAbout and his co-host for the month of February, Lori Ruff @loriruff, hang out with Migdalia Diaz @_MigdaliaDiaz, president of ALPFA: Association of Latino Professionals For America, Boston Chapter (http://www.alpfa-boston.org). The interview continues the discussion from the last episode about mentoring and how non-profit organizations like ALPFA have been helping many young Latino and even non-Latino professionals advance to leadership positions and succeed in their chosen career.

Lori Ruff

Migdalia was referred by Lori as an inspirational leader who has been sought out by other chapter presidents of ALPFA for motivation and advice. Having taken a key role in steering such a big organization, Migdalia points out that being a leader allows you to think in ways that you may not in any other opportunity. She also notes that, as a mentor to other chapter presidents, all that was needed was to give them a good nudge and encouraging words like, “Just get out there and do it!” Migdalia sees mentorship as an opportunity to give back, and that it becomes a different relationship and a different conversation when you invest in the development of a person.

Migdalia Diaz

Lori emphasizes that, as a mentor, it is important for you to be authentic and unafraid to share your vulnerability. Migdalia agrees, and also notes that when you have a willingness to be that vulnerable, there is always the risk that people are going to judge you. The important thing is that you tried,so you just have to be forgiving of yourself enough to take the next step forward.

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• Don’t discriminate because you never know who will provide you with opportunity. @_migdaliadiaz #TLL
• Be authentic. Let people know,”Hey! You’re not alone!”@loriruff #TLL
• An organization like ALPFA is a place to experiment in a safe environment. @happyabout #TLL
• It’s truly a profound experience to have an impact on someone’s personal life & their confidence. @_migdaliadiaz

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