Thought Leader Life with Mitchell Levy and guest co-host Chris Kenton

Thought Leader Life with Mitchell Levy

Our co-host for the month of April was Chris Kenton (@ckenton).

In this episode, Mitchell Levy have introduced his Co-host for the whole month of April, Chris Kenton. Chris Kenton, the Founder and CEO SocialRep, a sales provider of social media marketing and marketing intelligence tools which focuses to provide those tools to IT manufacturers who are selling through IT channel. This introductory conversation brings more colors, as both Mitchell and Chris looks forward to the interesting topics that they will be talking about with different thought leaders to be interviewed in the succeeding sessions for the month of April. Chris became so eager and looks forward to the succeeding sessions that he and Mitchell will be having with guest thought leaders to explore his quest for answers on how marketing and social media has changed? How did it impact the IT channel environment? What are the struggles of the IT manufacturers and their partners and on how were they able to address those challenges? What were the best practices of these companies that were able to bring out the best of their product/s for their team, staffs and to the consumers?

Chris Kenton

In the succeeding minutes of the talk, Chris became so engaged to share his point of view especially his expertise in the IT business and the transformation that he was able to witness on how businesses evolved and adapt to the changing times of channel marketing. What makes this conversation more colorful is that they both shared their points of view based on their hands-on experiences in the business world and the comparison of the now and then of the marketing perspective of the business owners and the impact for both the owners and their partners. The great advantage that these two men possess is that they both have business background not just based on the theories from the marketing textbooks of business schools but have had the actual practice on the real business world. Yes, they both were able to witness the changes that has been happening in almost every companies, the products, marketing and the consumers as well but there are factors that stood still in these changing times; the business owner’s meaning of their product brand and the value proposition to its consumers. What changed is on how it expanded to be able to reach more consumers.

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• Channel space is interesting as it drives the lion’s share of IT technology today. @ckenton #TLL
• The textbooks on business and marketing teaches how the world works in certain ways but it didn’t work that way. @happyabout #TLL
• The entire global economy relies on telecommunications where the core are enabled by the robust’s technologies of IT. @ckenton #TLL
• Marketing the product has changed as communication technology has been democratized. @ckenton #TLL

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