The Hobson and Holtz Report - Podcast #3: January 17, 2005

Show notes for January 17, 2005

Welcome to our third weekly podcast, a 54:28-minute conversation recorded live via Skype from Concord, California, USA, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Download the file here (MP3, 24.9MB), or sign up for the RSS feed to get it and future shows automatically. (For this, you’ll need ipodder, software that lets you subscribe to receive podcasts automatically and sync them to your digital player.)

In this week’s show:


  • 00:00 Shel and Neville on what this show’s about

Short Takes:

  • 00:27 iPod Shuffle
  • 04:14 Skype voicemail trial
  • 08:53 Getting up to speed on RSS
  • 14:50 CBC Radio 1 interview today with Ellen Simonetti, fired Delta Airlines employee blogger


  • 18:18 Interview: A conversation with Paul Woodhouse, The Tinbasher Blog
  • 28:50 The new blog of the European Union’s Commissioner for Communications
  • 33:07 Communication associations’ stand on ethics
  • 40:10 Blogging in the workplace - the risks and company policies
  • 48:11 New Communications Forum 2005

50:16 Outro:

  • How to give your feedback; about the music and the band

Links for the blogs, companies and organizations we discussed or mentioned in the show:

Short Takes—iPod Shuffle, Macworld, Doc Searls, Adam Curry, Technorati, PubSub, Apple, Skype, Dave Winer, Yahoo, CNN, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Martin Schwimmer, Bloglines, Jason Calacanis, Weblogs Inc, Skweezer, CBC, Eric Eggertson, Ellen Simonetti, Delta Airlines, Kurt Opsahl, EFF.

Features—Paul Woodhouse, The Tinbasher Blog, Butler Sheet Metal, Planters Direct, Times Online, Jackie Danicki, Big Blog Company, Marqui, GM Fastlane Blog, Margot Wallström, Vice-President of the European Commission, Ketchum Communications, The White House, Armstrong Williams, No Child Left Behind, New York Times, PRSA, Council of Public Relations Firms, Judith Phair, Richard Edelman, Edelman PR, Ahold, IABC, Waterstones, Guardian Newsblog, Feedster, Electronic Arts, Forrester Research, Charlene Li, Microsoft, Robert Scoble, Bloggers Bill of Rights, New Communications Forum 2005.

Wrap—, RIAA, A Shel of My Former Self, NevOn.

If you have comments or questions about this show, or suggestions for our future shows, email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). You can email your comments, questions and suggestions as MP3 file attachments, if you wish (max. 5Mb attachment, please!). We’ll be happy to see how we can include your audio contribution in a show.

Until next week…

Posted by neville on 01/17 at 01:23 PM
  1. Excellent podcast, guys - you’ve won a new regular listener here. The show really made my morning bus commute fly by. Next time, though, I’ll take notes.

    Posted by Jackie Danicki  on  01/19  at  01:46 AM
  2. Thanks, Jackie, nice to count you among our audience!

    Posted by Neville Hobson  on  01/19  at  02:13 AM
  3. Another fun podcast.  Thank you for doing the interview with Paul.  Enjoyed it so much.  Still no problem re: the length of the podcast, for me, at least.

    Your bit on the EU blog was great to hear.  I’d like to hear you talk about that some more - the value and the risks of her blogging activities.  I’m going to have the students do some audio questions tomorrow, if I can work it into the class.  If not, then on Tuesday of next week.  Promise.

    Keep up the great work.

    Posted by Robert  on  01/19  at  10:05 PM
  4. Robert’s mention of the EU reminds me of a couple of niggling points on the podcast - forgive me for making them, but I guess this is the ongoing peer review of blogging, extended to podcasting…

    1) The blog is by an EC official, not an EU official. They’re two different organisations, and not interchangable. Not a huge fan of either, but don’t like to see the EU getting credit for something cool that it hasn’t done. ;)

    2) Neville made the comment that most MPs in Britain - as in the Netherlands - have blogs. Actually, only a handful do: Tom Watson, Richard Allan, Boris Johnson, Clive Solely, and Shaun Woodward. The reason I feel eager to make this clear is that awareness of blogging in the UK is very low, and the general public is mostly totally unaware of what a blog is. If every MP was blogging, maybe that wouldn’t be the case, but I think I’d prefer for the awareness level to be boosted by something other than an MP’s blog…

    Posted by Jackie Danicki  on  01/20  at  01:35 AM
  5. Thanks, Robert. So no comment about the heavy breathing, then ;)

    Jackie, good clarification although will anyone really care about the differential in the context?. ‘Most’ was a bit of a sweeping word to use, though!

    Posted by Neville Hobson  on  01/20  at  03:31 AM
  6. Thanks for the correction, Jackie.  I should’ve caught my error.  You’re right, the EC should get the credit.  The fault of typing too fast and thinking too little.  ;o)

    I’ve seen your observation about blog awareness re: the UK, and Europe overall, by others.  The same could easily be said of the US, too.  It is good to remember that although we may be blogging, myopia may cause us to forget that the medium is still relatively unexplored by the majority.  Great reminder.  Thanks.

    Neville, :big grin here: I couldn’t bring myself to say anything this time.  Those mics are finicky things.  We use relatively inexpensive headset units ($30-$50) and get the same results often, so I’d be wrong to pick on ya’.  :o)  Still enjoyed the podcast - heavy breathing aside.

    Posted by Robert  on  01/20  at  06:06 AM
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