FIR On Technology with Dan York, Episode 1 - Exploring Google+ Hangouts On Air

FIR On Technology logoWhat are Google+ “Hangouts On Air” (HOA) all about and how can communicators best use them?  How does a “Hangout On Air” differ from a “Hangout”?  What kind of technology do you need to know to use them?  What are some tips and tricks for working most effectively with a Google+ HOA?  What is the linkage to YouTube? How do you get started?

In this first episode of “FIR On Technology”, Dan York interviews Randy Resnick who has been involved in over 200 Google+ Hangouts and HOAs and uses them as part of his regular daily work.  They talk about all of these questions as well as some of the latest add-ons that work with Google+ HOAs and some of the latest changes that provide even more capabilities.  Along the way Randy provides some insight into what he has found works best when working with Google+ Hangouts On Air.  Some resources discussed in the episode include:


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    Randy ResnickRandy Resnick, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1947, became interested in technology at a young age, building electronic kits and projects through high school. He became a professional musician and moved to Los Angeles in his 20’s, playing blues in clubs with artists like John Lee Hooker, toured Europe and Asia and recorded with John Mayall. He moved to France to go back to his love of technology, where he worked for a company as a programmer while learning minicomputers. He eventually started his own consulting business with his wife. He also got involved with voice-over-IP (VoIP) as a hobby. In the early days of the web, they worked for prestigious Bordeaux wine producers, helping them get on the Internet and later, social media. Since the advent of affordable video, he has been producing Google Hangouts and Youtube Live Events, including the weekly VoIP Users Conference.

    About Your Host

    Dan YorkDan York focuses on explaining the changes going on all around us within communication technology and practices. An author of multiple books on networking, security, IPv6 and Linux, Dan frequently presents at industry conferences and events, has been blogging and writing online since 2000 and has been podcasting since 2005.

    Since the mid-1980s Dan has been working with online communication technologies and helping businesses and organizations understand how to use and participate in those new media. Today Dan serves the Internet Society as the Senior Content Strategist focused on the Deploy360 Programme, seeking to help service provides, companies and individuals more quickly deploy Internet technologies such as IPv6 and DNSSEC. Separately, Dan is also the Chairman of the global Voice Over IP Security Alliance (VOIPSA).

    Previously Dan worked for Voxeo Corporation heading up the company’s communication through both traditional and new/social media. Prior to that, Dan served in the Office of the CTO for both Voxeo and before that Mitel focused on analyzing/evaluating emerging technology, participating in industry standards bodies and addressing VoIP security issues.

    More information about Dan can be found at and

    Connect with Dan on

    • Twitter: @danyork
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    • Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    The music for the intro and outro is “Early Warning” from Mark Knox and is used with his permission.

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    Posted by Dan York on 12/31 at 09:46 AM
    1. Thanks for the podcast here and the kind reference on the post. Helping out with Hangouts and HOA (Hangouts on Air) is what I do full time. This magical communications tool has really changed the way many of us have meetings and develop relationships.

      Posted by Ronnie A Bincer  on  01/02  at  01:38 AM






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